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Internet Time Capsule

Any Baio over at Waxy dug up an article and press kit from the failed launch back in 1999. But the super cool thing he also dug up was the “Top 100 Sites of 1999” (Direct link to PDF of article). Just an amazing list of all the sites that were big in the first wave of the online revolution. I’m proud to say that at the time that article was published (November 1999), I was employed at Tripod, the #7 site on that top 100 list.

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Aaron Hofelt

Awesome Top sites of 99! I love looking back at this stuff. I know tons about the ecommerce stuff but the other ones I'm pretty shaky on. Gr8 to check out the 'failures' – magazines, portals, and ahead of their time ( These really mirror the 'real' world. Just b/c a business in 'online' doesn't increase or decrease its risk of going under.