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Tweets of the Week

  • RT A picture speaks 1K words…@davewiner Pew Center illustrates how Craigslist is killing newspapers. #
  • For my money, is still one of the best places to see what is happening on the interweb #
  • RT future of movie distribution? @mcuban: Sneak Preview of Soderbergh’s Girlfriend Experience, 8pm 2nite #
  • RT @HarvardBiz The Social Data Revolution(s) #
  • RT @sportsguy33 Its May 20th and Im WAY too excited about Big Papis first homer of the season. Just lemme enjoy this. Thanks. #
  • is an interesting mash up #
  • Lamenting the Celts losing to Orlando. A fine year but they could not recover from losing KG for the playoffs. #
  • Will Biz Markie go on a reunion tour now that his “one hit wonder” song “Just A Friend” is all over TV in that great Heineken ad? #
  • – Get live realtime stats about your site traffic and usage. Wow, now that’s the real time web. #
  • Go Celts in Game 7. They are playing on fumes.. Whoever wins this game earns the right to lose to LeBron #
  • Twitter and Flickr mashups – #
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