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Ice Resurfacing Machines

A new Zamboni going out for a test drive in Los Angeles.

Frank J. Zamboni & Co. still cranks out over 200 Zamboni ice resurfacing machines a year and is the standards bearer for the ultra niche market of resurfacing ice skating rinks. The first Zamboni machine took ten years to build, but today they can crank out a custom ordered one every six months.  For anyone who has skated, played or attended hockey games, the Zamboni machine is as much of the experience as throwing squids on the ice:

The Zamboni machine’s hypnotic mission and captivating name have made it a cultural icon, something the Zamboni family finds both gratifying and a bit puzzling. The first ice-resurfacing machine was built in 1949 and its form, function and sales output have remained consistent for decades.

You would think that this company, which is so synonymous with ice skating and winter sport, would be based in a town like Medicine Hat or Saskatoon, but the harsh reality is that they are based in, of all places, Los Angeles.

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