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Declaring Early…From High School

A basketball player named Jeremy Tyler from San Diego, CA has decided to leave high school early in order to play basketball in Europe, and prepare himself for the NBA draft in two years.

“It’s significant because it shows the curiosity for the American player just refusing to accept what he’s told he has to do.” [Sonny] Vaccaro said. We’re getting closer to the European reality of a professional at a young age. Basically, Jeremy Tyler is saying, “Why do I have to go to high school?”

Ah, who needs an education when you can dunk a basketball? He better make darn sure he gets drafted. It will be very interesting to see the ripple effect of this move on other top rated players.

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Stephanie Alford

This is such a bad idea. I would ask where are his parents but I’m not entirely sure that’s a relevant question to be asking.