Tweets This Week

  • Lots of empty seats at the Sweet 16. Amazing! #
  • Best thing about the Orangemen is that they are all underclassmen…everyone is coming back next year. #
  • Lets go Orange! All set for the SU v OU game! #
  • ‘Nova is looking good. Send Duke home. #
  • Is praying that Pitt does not lose. My bracket will be crushed if they lose. #
  • Surfing through That site needs some work, although it appears they have bigger fish to fry these days. :-) #

Movie Magic

Yahoo recently released a list of 100 movies to see before you die. They made a point of clarifying that its not the 100 best movies of all time but more a list of top influential or significant movies that you should see. I don’t fully agree with their choices but they have made a strong effort here.

I am slightly embarrassed to report that I have only seen 55 of their 100 that they have listed. I’m not planning on departing anytime soon, but it appears I may need to get over to Netflix soon. The vast majority of the movies I have not seen are from the 1950’s and 1960’s, which is way before my time, so cut me some slack there.

Now, if they did a “Top 100 Movies Since 1975 That You Have To See Before You Die”, then I think I’d have that locked up!

Bleeding Orange


As a student and an alum, I’ve been watching my beloved Syracuse Orange(men) for close to 22 years now. I’ve never been bashful in my criticism of Jim Boeheim and I’ve also been one to acknowledge when he’s done a good job. I’ve witnessed some of the greatest games in the Carrier Dome, watched almost every big game on TV, enjoyed 3 runs to the NCAA Championship game, one National Championship in 2003, and have watched some of the program’s most painful defeats (Richmond Spiders anyone?).

But what has gone on at MSG during this week’s Big East Tournament has has made me even more proud to be an alum of Syracuse University. The effort and will to win that the team put forth this week in the 6 (!!!) Overtime epic against UConn was nothing short of spectacular (Yes, I stayed up to watch it against my better judgment). And then to turn around and go into another Overtime game and win against a very good West Virginia University team is just staggering.

All the accolades and hype for their effort are justified. Jonny Flynn is “the man”. He has played in all but maybe 5 minutes of the past two games. Andy Rautins has been “en fuego”. Eric Devendorf, not one of my favorites, has been clutch and mostly in control.

Tonight the Orange play a very, very good University of Louisville team. The cynic in my says it does not look promising. But at this point, nothing will surprise me.