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Go Sox!

Red Sox – 8
Tampa Bay – 7

Wow, what a comeback win. Seven runs down in the 7th inning. No expectations here. We still have to win two games down in the Trop. Not going to be easy, even with Beckett and Lester.

Update: Great article by Bill Simmons on last night’s game and the emotional roller coaster that it was. The following exchange was exactly how I was feeling. I had a blog post ready to go, extolling the season and the fact that the “Ghost of Manny Ramirez” was haunting them. But somehow, they lived to see another day. Yes, the upcoming sports weekend did get a hell of a lot better last night.

We [Simmons and his Dad] were having the funeral for the 2008 Red Sox. Heck, I even gave one of the eulogies. Called my dad during the seventh inning for the requisite, “Yup, we just didn’t have it this year,” conversation and everything. I remember uttering the words, “I wanted us to win tonight if only because it would have been another two days where I didn’t have to think about Matt Cassel.” I remember Dad admitting, “I turned it off 20 minutes ago; I’m watching ‘ER.'” I couldn’t even blame him. We hung up. And yet, I didn’t turn off Game 5. I did the old “half-watching it, going through e-mails and not getting totally invested even though I totally was” thing.

Bill Simmons

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