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sgclark 2.0 – A Refresh


At long last, I have finally refreshed the site a bit. Its not a full redesign. Just a refresh. As you can see, I have kept with the London Phonebooth imagery and theme and basically updated the look of the site. Why, I’m not sure. I guess I liked the quirky photo of a field with a phone booth in it…a la Dr. Who.

I have upgraded the navigation to these cool inverted tabs. I have moved to a three column layout on the main blog area of the site, which enables me to add the “Long Tail” column to the site. The “Long Tail” is where I can now post short snippets and links that I see around the internet, and thus use the main body of the blog for longer missives.

Why did I do this? I was getting bored with my old site. It was looking dated. And I wanted to widen the layout to take advantage of the 1024 screen resolution that most computers use these days. I was inspired to refresh my blog after seeing Waxy, John Battelle, and others update or refresh.

So, hope you like it. Provide feedback, comments, and any bugs you may see. I am sure there are numerous formatting issues (House blog, Resume for sure), so please bear with me.

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