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Beer Run

Someone in Ireland drove into the Guinness factory in Dublin with a truck, and took off with a trailer loaded with 400 kegs of Guinness, Bud, and Carlsberg beer. That’s an impressive beer run.

According to the article:

  • “This is likely to be the largest carry out of drink this Christmas” I would hope so. Hmm, who’s up for 500 kegs! Anyone?!?
  • “Police will be on the lookout for any large quantity of stolen drink flowing through Dublin’s traffic.” Yeah sure…finding “large quantities of drink” in Dublin will be a breeze. There’s only a bar on every corner.
  • “They were able to find the trailer, but all the kegs were removed” Removing 400 kegs from a trailer without being seen…that’s impressive.

Obviously, the impact of the worldwide shortage of hops is starting to take its toll on the beer marketplace.

I would have left the Bud and Carlsberg kegs, but that’s just me.

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