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Opening Day

This is the happiest week of the year. The 2007 baseball season will kick off this week with the Mets taking on the St. Louis Cardinals tomorrow evening (April 1, 2007).

In my opinion however, I have been a little disappointed in Major League Baseball (not that its too difficult to be disappointed with the leadership of MLB these days) for doing away with the tradition of having the Cincinnati Reds, the oldest MLB team, kick off the season with their home opener (traditionally on a Tuesday I believe) in favor of a Sunday evening game on ESPN.

Having the Reds play the very first game to open up the MLB season was just a neat tradition and an acknowledgment of the importance of that franchise to the great history of the game. At worst, could they not shift the Reds game to the Sunday Night Game on ESPN to kick off the season? Could they not, for one day, think of the tradition, history, and greater good of the game to keep a nice tradition intact? And give the city of Cincinnati the baseball spotlight to kick off the season?

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