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Grandmaster Flash

The other day I was coming home from work and I just happened to dial up the Fresh Air with Teri Gross podcast. It’s not a podcast I listen to regularly, however whenever there is a good interview on NPR, it always seems as though Teri Gross is the interviewer. In any case, the podcast I dialed up was from March 2 and it featured an interview with Grandmaster Flash, arguably the godfather and first true star of rap/hip hop music. Whether you are a fan of rap/hip hop or not, take a listen. It’s an amazing interview in that Grandmaster Flash is able to transport you back to the early 1980’s when he was honing his craft and just investigating how far he could push the limits. What was also amazing was when Teri Gross asks him to do a voice over of what he was doing (artistically) while they listen to his seminal “The Message” mix.

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