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Guns & Ammo

So I was on the bus coming home from work the other day. I was tuned out with my iPod listening to one of my numerous podcasts…or maybe it was my tunes I was listening to. As I scanned my eyes around the other passengers, I couldn’t help but notice this guy reading Guns & Ammo like it was Time Magazine or Sports Illustrated. I mean, he was intently looking over what I would presume to be reviews of new models of guns, in the same way I would read PC Magazine to learn about the newest computers. There were close ups of the barrels and the triggers. There were reviews of different guns, articles about hunting, and other stuff…but all about guns.

I don’t know why I’m posting about this. Maybe it just freaked me out to see someone reading about guns in public while commuting home from New York City. Maybe it caught me off guard. It did get me thinking however…does this guy have a gun in his home? Is it in his briefcase? Does he have a license? Is he looking to buy a gun? Why would he be doing that? Is he a Charlton Heston loving NRA leftist?

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