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Hope you all caught that Rick Springfield medley at the start of the 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards….Kelly Monaco: Not Hot…Rosie O’Donnell co-hosting The View: that’ll last a month, and then Star Jones will Superfly her from the top rope…the movie The Wild is a blatant rip off of Madagascar, or is it the other way around? Only Hollywood knows…love Google Calendar…hate the phrase “Web 2.0”. Few of the ideas are new; they are just re-hashed ideas of sites that were before their time…Johnny Damon returns to Fenway on Monday (ESPN, 7PM EST)…does anyone really care about the NBA?…a final “Woah Nellie!” and a “We’ve got a dandy!” to Keith Jackson, who announced his retirement from calling college football games. He gave college football fans that “special feeling” on those crisp fall Saturdays calling games from “The Big House” in Ann Arbor. We’ll miss ya on Saturdays this Fall!…IE 7, where have you been?…random famous person sighting: Harvey Keitel in TriBeCa, NYC…Lay & Skilling: dead guilty. If you can, read all the Enron trial articles from the NYTimes on the trial. Great reading…speaking of which, I love the recent redesign of the NYTimes website…ExxonMobil earnings in Q1: $8 Billion with a “B”…Chevron earnings in Q1: $4 Billion with a “B”…gas prices: over $3.00/gallon…no, Dubya has nothing to do with this…

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