In late February, my wife and I enrolled with Netflix. Its something we have talked about for quite a while and we finally took the plunge. One of the major motivators was that we wanted to catch up with all the Oscar nominated movies prior to the Academy Awards Ceremony. We were able to see all the Best Picture nominated films, either in the theater or via Netflix.

But I digress. I can’t believe we had waited this long to take advantage of Netflix. What an amazing serivce they offer! Its so neat. I’ve already watched Crash, Napoleon Dynamite, Enron, Super Size Me, The Constant Gardener, Hustle & Flow, Cinderella Man, Ocean’s 12, Finding Neverland, and Batman Returns. I may have to start a movie review section a la Jason Kottke has!

One thing I have heard about Netflix, which I have no solid facts to back up, is how their service suddenly starts to slow down after your 2nd month of subscribing. According to rumors I have heard, when you first sign up for Netflix, they make you a “priority” account, ensuring that you get the movies you want ASAP and that the turnaround of the movies on your queue is super quick. However, when you get to around your 2nd month and after, all of a sudden the movies you want have a super long wait, and the turn around time of your movies is that much longer. Now this is nothing more that rumor, but I’ll be keeping tabs on this for the next few months to see if there are any impacts to our Netflix service.

In our queue now is Capote and Pride & Prejudice, and wouldn’t you know their availability is “Long Wait” and “Very Long Wait” respectively. I guess I’ll have to settle for Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle instead.

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