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Where Did October Go?

I don’t seem to recall where October went? Much less 2005. Is it me, or do the years seem to be passing way too rapidly these days. As I look back at this year, I have to say that its been quite a busy but fun year. The most exciting part of it was moving into our house in February. That was very exciting and we have spent countless hours fixing up the place.

I realize that I have been a little slack in posting up to the site, but promise to get back in the swing of things soon. I am not at a loss for things to say or discuss, but I just need to remember to take the few minutes to post these thoughts and get them recorded.

In any case, Happy November! Turkey Day is right around the corner. Oh, and we will be hosting our first Thanksgiving here in the new house. That will be fun, hectic, and exciting!

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