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Its Over

The Red Sox – Yankees series is over. Dan Shaughnessy wrote a pretty blunt article in the Boston Globe today. It sums it all up.

I don’t know what team the Yankees were playing during the first two games of this series, but it wasn’t the Red Sox I watched most of this season. During the first game, I was so disgusted I turned the TV off after the 6th Inning. I could not bear the thought of suffering through another Red Sox comeback that got agonizingly close but fell short again, and again. For the second game, I managed to sit through the whole fiasco only because 3 runs against Jon Leiber did not seem like such an insurmountable lead. But I guess it was. I had thought that at worst we would leave the Bronx tied 1-1, but I guess I didn’t dig deep enough into the chasm of dispair. And Game Three…forget it! Being 3 games down is a huge hole to dig out of. This thing is over.

New owners, new pretty boy GM, new injured ace pitcher…same result. Another cold winter wondering what went wrong. Its football season.

Update: Unless you live on Mars, you know the the Red Sox pulled off the greatest comeback in North American Sports history. I obviously wanted them to come back, but with the debacle of the Game Three loss and them being down 3-0 in the Series, I was obviously skeptical that they would actually pull it off. But they did it. I have left this post up on my blog to remind myself never to give up.

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