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September will be Interesting

I will try not to get ahead of myself. I will try not to look too far down the road…if this happens, if that happens. One day at a time, I remind myself. But last night was just one of those nights in baseball when you have to believe in the stuff from movies like Field of Dreams. In the past two weeks, the Red Sox have cut 7 games off of the Yankees lead in the AL East. And not only did the Sox pick up a big win against the Angels but the Yanks got crushed by the Indians 22-0. Dan Shaughnessy from The Boston Globe said it best in an article today:

With the Red Sox, a measure of restraint is always in order. There’s always the seed of doubt that the Sox are merely setting the region up for another mind-bending, soul-crushing disappointment. A Sox ticket to a September game should come stamped with a surgeon general’s warning. Maybe flashing Cleveland’s 16-0 lead over the Yankees on the center-field board in the Angel eighth was a little over the top.

I think this is the perspective I need to take. This is the Red Sox, you know. I will try not to look too far ahead. But man, last night was a good night in baseball.

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