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Stupid Baseball Men

So baseball and their genius PR managers pulled out another brilliant move with their “marketing” deal with Sony Pictures and Spider Man II to put ads on the bases across all MLB stadiums. This is easily one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of from a marketing perspective. Not only did it violate the sanctity and history of the game, but practically speaking, did they really think that fans in the stands would actually be able to see the ads on the bases, which last I heard, is a critical aspect of advertising? Its like Spider Man II’s target audience was really millionaire baseball players who run or slide, because they would be the only ones who would actually be close enough to see the damn things. Add to this the fact that teams like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox (Disclosure: I am a lifelong Red Sox fan.) would get more revenue from the deal and it just makes the whole think reek.

Baseball has once again shot itself in the foot. I love the game, I follow it passionately. But they have to get these idiots out of the front office and get some people to run the show that can effectively balance and build on the storied history of the game while at the same time market the sport to fans young and old. That is not an easy task, but I am confident someone is out there that could do it. Bob Costas for Commissioner!

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