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Chucks on the Syracuse University campus, before it shut down.  Photo from early 2000's roughly.

I was listening to the 80’s Alternative station on Radio@AOL and the song “Eighties” by Killing Joke (Album: “Laugh? I Nearly Bought One”) came on. While an udergrad at Syracuse, my friends and I went to a great watering hole called Chuck’s (Hungry Charlies). Every time this song came on, this one guy whom I never actually met, would get up on one of the tables and just start stomp dancing. The coolest thing was that when the song came on, and if he was there, everyone in the bar knew what was going to happen and would stop what they were doing and just watch. Listening to that song brought me back there.

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Yup, remember it well. I think that the guy’s name was Alan. I bounced at Chuck’s and used to have wake him up and pull him out from under the pinball machines at the end of the night. He could be passed out drunk, when 80s came on, he came to life.