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Its In the Mail

So we recently purchased a new computer to replace our vintage 1999 “tan box”. Like the old one, we purchased this one from Dell. Its a pretty sweet machine – 3Ghz Pentium 4 processor, flat panel display, DVD, CD-RW and all the other modern bells and whistles. I think the computer Gods are teasing me because the monitor was delivered on Tuesday but the actual computer is still to be shipped to me. Of course, I got on the phone with Dell just to make sure all is ok with my order. You would just think that in today’s modern age, they would be able to deliver both boxes at the same time.

Update: Not hours after I posted the above, the computer showed up at our doorstep. The strange thing is that neither UPS or Dell had any updated tracking info on the package and the UPS delivery guy said, and I quote, “It was on my truck so I delivered it.”

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