Month: December 2003

Lord of the Rings

Wow, what an ending to a fantastic set of movies! The Director Peter Jackson outdid himself with this set of epics. It made Star Wars look like a second rate “B” film. In fact, looking at both movies you could see how Star Wars was influenced by the Toliken story. I think Entertianment Weekly said it best:

Even more moving is the realization that epics end. Perhaps the greatest tribute we can pay to [Peter] Jackson, his cast, and his creative team is this: Nine hours later, they’ve left us wanting more.

The last installment of the J.R.R. Toliken story, The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King was just a fantastic ending to the trilogy of movies. Personally, I really preferred LOTR: The Two Towers because it really got to the heart of the trilogy’s story, and the the Battle of Helms Deep was just one of most amazing battle sequences I have ever seen. I actually went to see the re-releases of LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring and LOTR:The Two Towers the week prior to the release of LOTR:The Return of the King. The re-releases had additional footage (the “director’s cut”) so that was an additional bonus. The Tolkien trilogy could not have been adapted for film any better. Jackson was true to the story, the writing, and the overall feel of Tolkien’s style. I think they should produce “The Hobbit” and while there are other Tolkien stories about Middle Earth post LOTR, I don’t think they would be as wildly popular as these movies. I can’t wait for the full set of DVD’s to come to market so I can add them to my collection.

Reality Bites

The other evening, I joined my wife in watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and it really got me thinking about all this reality TV that is bombarding us these days. I think the proliferation of all the reality television is really telling us that the Entertainment studios in Hollywood (and other places) are just tapped out of good, creative programming ideas and they now need to use the life of the everyday man to create sellable content (to advertisers and to audiences). The argument that the reality shows are good programming ideas just does not hold water. Can you really tell me that “Joe Millionaire 2”, not to mention the original “Joe Millionaire”, is really good programming? The subject matter of all the reality television programs is quite diverse, ranging from Survivor and Big Brother to Trading Spaces and While You Were Out on TLC. I am waiting for the super, steel cage match reality show where the crew from “Trading Spaces” invades the “Big Brother” house, who is inhabited by the previous winners of “Big Brother”, “Survivor”, and ABC’s “Bachelor/Bachelorette” series, and they then compete with the “Fab 5” from “Queer Eye” to fix up the living space. Now that would be a ratings bonanza!

Bronx Zoo

Oh, I almost forgot. What a wonderful day!! Andy Pettitte signed to play with his hometown Houston Astros, spurning the New York Yankees and their buffoon owner George Steinbrenner. As the New York press has so clearly said, this was fully the fault of King George for letting him go, and those of us in Red Sox Nation could not be happier. The recent acquisition of Curt Shilling is looking better and better!

Further Downfall of A Football Program

Well, it seems as though Syracuse’s Coach Pasqualoni is going to stay around. That is just pathetic and shows how spineless that AD Jake Crouthamel really is. The SU Football program needs a change and that starts at the top. Pasqualoni is just not going to take the program to the level of the elete national programs like Miami, Oklahoma, Michigan and others. As I have said previously, at least its basketball season.

Light My Fire

I was a little taken aback when I read that it was Jim Morrison’s 60th Birthday today. Now I am hardly a fan of The Doors and I am hardly old enough to even remember any of their music (it was mildy popular by the time I was in grade school) but Morrison is still a personality that really trancends the ages. It would be interesting to see how he would have aged. Or maybe he is still alive on an island in the South Pacific. One will never know.


Building on the Retro craze for all your lounge lizards out there, is a neat site that has lots of mod-retro furniture and accessories.

A neat trend marketing site is Trendsetters, where I found the above retro-mod site, which is written by Michael Tchong, the former editor and publisher of Iconocast and “The Jacobyte” column, which I desperately miss!!