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This week, we had the basement dry walled from head to toe. That means that we got rid of the 1970′s style fake wood dark paneling and the groovy wallpaper covering the staircase. I will admit that covering over the wallpaper was not an easy decision, as that was some of the swingin’est, grooviest wallpaper I’ve ever set eyes on. However, from a purely practical perspective, it was the right thing to do. From an emotional perspective, I never would have touched the stairwell and the wallpaper would have stayed.

In addition to drywalling the basement, we are going to get new carpeting to replace the funky, dirty old carpet that is currently there.

So more pictures are to come when the basement is more complete.

Living Room

Here is the finished living room. The tables are there because we hosted Thanksgiving this year and we turned the living room into the dining room to accomidate all the guests/relatives/friends. The room ended up far exceeding my expectations. The bookcases and the wall color are great and I am just thrilled with it. And for a point of comparision, below is how the space looked when we purchased the house. Note that it only had one doorway. We broke through the wall to create a 2nd doorway to improve the flow in the room and the entire first floor. My previous post from 11.01.05 has some photos from when we were in the middle of painting the fireplace and some photos from before the shelves were installed.


We recently had the floors sanded in the main living room, the dining room, and in the upstairs hallway. We also had the rancid carpet in the TV room removed and replaced with hardwood floors. With that work done, I was able to finally install the basboards in these rooms. Below are some photos of the final results (yes, we still need to put things on the walls. That seems to be a common theme throughout the house!). If you want to see the “before” and “during” photos, visit my Flickr ‘House’ tag. There are also some fun photos of the kitchen with all our stuff piled up since the rooms had to be completely cleared out to do the sanding and floor installation.

TV Room - New Floor, Baseboards

TV Room - New Floor, Baseboards

Finished Stairs

We caved in and had a new roof installed on the house. The old roof was the orginal roof, so all we had to do was install the new roof on top, which saved some cash. There were some serious rain storms in August and we noticed some leaks near the back of the house. When we had some roofers check out the roof back there, they said it would not last the winter. So we had to do it. The roof looks good. Its something we knew we had to do, but were hoping it would last a year or so.

Hallway Then and Now

The past few weeks we have been ripping up the last remnants of the deep, deep green (that’s right, its not Forest Green, its deeper than that) carpeting that was in the upstairs hallway and the stairs. The first few photos below are what the stairs and hallway used to look like. The last few photos show what it looks like now. Underneath the carpet is nice hardwood floors that are in really good condition. We are going to have them sanded and poly’d sometime over the next few weeks which will really look pretty nice. Then I can put the baseboards on the hall walls and that will be done. Also need to paint the fine ornate “should be outside but its inside” handrailing.


Here are some before and afters of the kitchen. In the kitchen, we removed the wallpaper, painted the walls, and bought new appliances to replace the circa 1980′s ones that came with the house. We also removed the sponge painting, replaced the doors, cleaned the cabinets, and removed the big “Ikea-type” cabinet on the right hand wall of the kitchen.


We are in the process of painting the upstairs hallway so we thought it would be interesting to share a before and after of the upstairs hallway. In the newer photo of the hallway, the walls are just primed. We are hoping to get the walls painted over the next week or so.