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My House Fully Painted

House Fully Painted

House Fully Painted

House Fully Painted

So the painters finished up painting the house. And here is the big “reveal”. Its a nice grey with black shutters and a deep red door. Combine this with the grass that is growing and the house is now almost presentable :) To see a before photo, scroll down to the previous post.

Paint Job

House Being Painted

House Landscaping

Here is the first view of our house getting painted. This is just the primer coat, but none the less, it loos pretty good. They worked filling in and cleaning up the trim today, and will probably paint the trim tomorrow, with the main coats going on later in the weekend. This is going to transform how the house looks!!! Just for kicks, above is a before picture of the house.

During the week of July 4th, 2008, we finally bit the bullet and had our “grass” resodded. I put the word grass in quotes because to say that the stuff we had on our plot of land was grass is a big, big stretch. It was more like some form of green moss growth…it was terrible and made our property look like the Pigpen of the neighborhood.

So during the July 4th week, I stayed home and we had some landscapers come to our house, rip up the top layer of dirt across the whole property. They then dropped down a new layer of topsoil, they put down 45 lbs of grass seed, and then dropped hay all over the place.

We are now seeing real, actual grass growing on our property. Photos to be shared shortly.


This week, we had a new front walkway put in. The old one was rapidly deteriorating and falling apart. In addition, it was just ugly with these old looking maroon “decorative” rocks that ended up all over the place. Having the new walkway sets the stage for us to update and fill in the garden in front of the house and the two little gardens to each side of the front door. More photos are here.

New Walkway Looking From Garage
Old Walkway
New Walkway From South Side of House
Old Walkway
Unrest in the Forest

Its been a long while since I’ve updated this area of the site about the progress we’ve made on the house.

In the early summer, we had some trees cut down from the property outside. It really cleaned up the outside and let more sun hit the house and yard, but as the summer has moved on, sometimes I look around and it does not feel like we did a thing. I am already eyeing several other trees that I want to remove. We are really going to try to focus on the outside of the house to get that straightened out. It’s a mess.

As for the inside, we’ve been doing little things here and there, but no big projects to speak of. I’ve been trying to clear out the basement to get that renovated from its 1970′s dark wood paneling, and I made some great progress during the July 4th week. My big project downstairs is to clean the masonry walls in the unfinished part of the basement, paint them with a sealent, and then install lots of shelves so that all our stuff can be stored there. Not an easy task.

We really want to update the hallway and install hardwood floors, and update the 1/2 bathroom in the hallway, but that’s a bigger project than we think. But apart from the basement, its the last fairly big project inside the house (the kitchen does not count, because that’s a project that is off the charts).

I literally spent this weekend raking (or actually, moving) just an immense volume of leaves off my front and back yards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many leaves in one concentrated area. And the irony is that after spending the better part of Saturday and Sunday cleaning the leaves, I still did not finish. There is a huge pile of leaves in the backyard still and the back corner of the property has a huge amount of leaves that still needs removal. Hope to get photos posted shortly.

We caved in and had a new roof installed on the house. The old roof was the orginal roof, so all we had to do was install the new roof on top, which saved some cash. There were some serious rain storms in August and we noticed some leaks near the back of the house. When we had some roofers check out the roof back there, they said it would not last the winter. So we had to do it. The roof looks good. Its something we knew we had to do, but were hoping it would last a year or so.