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Ready, AIM, Miss

Granted, the whole “instant communications” sector is going through a major upheaval as there are so so many options for people to use these days – Pinger, FaceTime, Facebook IM, Text Messaging, Skype, ooVoo, and on and on – but wow, AOL Instant Messenger’s usage has fallen 64% over the past year. Whoever is to […]

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Share Fail

If you created a “Share” button but no one could implement it, did it really share any content? So I went onto Techcrunch to read up on what’s happening out in the Internet world, and saw a post detailing really neat and interesting sharing tool released by Tumblr. So I was actually pretty interested in […]

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Mind The Gap

You may have heard about The Gap’s recent inept attempt to redesign their logo. To demonstrate just how poor the decision making was there, the fine folks at ISO50 held a Gap Logo Redesign Contest, reaching out to the broader interweb design community to submit their own redesigns for the iconic logo. The results are, […]

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An Open Letter to Skullcandy

Dear Skullcandy: For the second time, I’m sending back your Ink’d in-ear headphones. For the second time, they have #failed in the same manner – one of the earbuds stopped working. On your site and in your customer service correspondence, you imply that your products can withstand “extreme listening”. My listening demands call for me […]

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What?!? A Buggy Microsoft App?

I find it utterly hysterical and ironic that for some strange reason, I can not log onto Microsoft’s Hotmail, via their “wonderful” Passport authentication system, from the version of Internet Explorer that is on my computer, yet I can successfully log on when using Netscape. My Hotmail account is a spam account anyway, and I […]

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