Redmond, We Have A Problem


Got this error today on my Windows machine. Microsoft created Windows and for the error I experienced, there apparently is no solution. That made me laugh.

Oh, the Irony


Oh the Irony

This happened today when I tried to check out Windows Live while using Internet Explorer. With all the press about the Google/AOL deal, I wanted to check out Windows Live to see what it was all about, which IMHO is nothing much. It has the same basic functionality as the new Google homepage.

What?!? A Buggy Microsoft App?


I find it utterly hysterical and ironic that for some strange reason, I can not log onto Microsoft’s Hotmail, via their “wonderful” Passport authentication system, from the version of Internet Explorer that is on my computer, yet I can successfully log on when using Netscape. My Hotmail account is a spam account anyway, and I rarely use it for anything but signing up for sites I have limited interest in, so its not a big deal. But it is humorous none the less.