Early Video of The Ramones At CBGB

Super awesome early early video of The Ramones playing a three song set at CBGB in the summer of 1974. The set includes:

Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
I Don’t Wanna Go Down To the Basement
Judy Is A Punk

This is a beautiful window into the NYC punk scene of the early 1970’s. And it’s pretty gratifying to see that The Ramones essentially did not change their style or sound from their earliest days before they were ‘discovered’ through to when they called it quits 20+ years later. According to the short article on Rolling Stone. this was close to two full years before The Ramones released their first album in 1976.

Pay attention to the pause between the first two songs, as they get into a funny argument over what the 2nd song should be.

I remember once seeing Joey Ramone on the streets of NYC and marveling at just how tall and lanky he was.

Hat Tip: Rolling Stone