I’m Batman

A rare and high quality copy of Detective Comics #27 was sold at auction for $1,075,000. The record setting auction price came just three days after an original Superman comic sold for $1 Million.

Both Detective Comics #27 and Action Comics #1 were originally published by National Allied Publications, a company that later became Detective Comics and then DC Comics.

With all the recent movies about comic book characters, I’m sure that there will be more rare comics being auctioned off. Interestingly, according to the article, items like rare comic books have seen strong price increases during the recent recession while other more “common” auctioned items did not see equivalent pricing growth.

Tiger’s Odds

Tiger Woods is finally breaking his silence after three months in seclusion after his well publicized SUV accident and alternate life as “Fred Garvin, Male Prostitue“. What I love is that bookies actually have lines on several items related to this story:

A British bookmaker has set odds at 4-to-7 that Woods wife, Elin, will be with him. William Hill didn’t stop there, however. It offers 8-to-1 odds that Woods will announce he is getting a divorce, 12-to-1 odds that his wife is pregnant and 100-to-1 odds that he is retiring.

Can this story be delivered on a bigger silver platter to the comedians of today?

Internet Time Capsule

Any Baio over at Waxy dug up an article and press kit from the failed DEN.net launch back in 1999. But the super cool thing he also dug up was the “Top 100 Sites of 1999” (Direct link to PDF of article). Just an amazing list of all the sites that were big in the first wave of the online revolution. I’m proud to say that at the time that article was published (November 1999), I was employed at Tripod, the #7 site on that top 100 list.

WordPress Previous + Next Links

One of the minor things I’ve been meaning to do on my WordPress site was to use a more visually appealing treatment on the “Previous Entries” and “Next Entries” links at the bottom of the site’s main index.php page template. These links appear on the bottom of every page of the blog, from the first page on to the “nth” page and help users navigate back and forth to see different posts. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the “Previous Entries” link to see an example.

In looking around at different button styles, I settled on Richard Davis’ SexyButtons set because they were lightweight, flexible and offered lots of different color schemes that could be used in different circumstances on my site. However, when I installed the SexyButton code, there was a minor bug on the homepage of my site with the “Next Entries” button.


Since the posts on my blog’s homepage are the most recent posts (my most recent post through my tenth most recent post), obviously there are no “Next Entries” to go to, and therefore that button does not need to be displayed on the Homepage. The issue is that while the WordPress Loop code did not output any text, the SexyButtons still recognizes the code that is present on index.php template page and renders the grey background of the button style I chose (see highlight in red box above). To take this scenario one step further, if you clicked through the “Previous Entries” link at the bottom of the main blog page, you would get to “Page 2” of my blog that would have the next 10 posts I created, and at the bottom of that page, the “Previous Entries” and “Next Entries” buttons would be rendered and linked accurately. The code I originally used to render the above screen shot is below, which is the combined standard WordPress code and the SexyButtons code:

<button class="sexybutton sexysimple">
<span class="prev">
<?php next_posts_link('Previous Entries') ?>
<button class="sexybutton sexysimple right">
<span class="next">
<?php previous_posts_link('Next Entries') ?>

My Solution (Or, My Hack)
The nice thing about WordPress is that since its built on PHP, there are tags and code for practically every element of your blog. In this case, the <?php (is_paged ()) { ?> tag is available for you to specify functions or actions on the paginated pages of your blog (yes, poor English…but I digress). So knowing this, I just strung together a couple of PHP “if” statements that keyed off of the “is_paged” tag which is noted in the code below.

<button class="sexybutton sexysimple">
<span class="prev">
<?php next_posts_link('Previous Entries') ?></span>
<?php if (is_paged ()) { echo '<button class="sexybutton sexysimple right">
<span class="next after">'; }?>
<?php previous_posts_link ('Next Entries')?>
<?php if (is_paged ()) { echo '</span></button>'; } ?>

The first “if” statement basically says “if WordPress validates that the page is “is_paged”, then drop in the start of the button tag. Then, I left the “previous_posts_link” alone as was provided by WordPress. Then, I put in another “if” statement to close out the button tag.

I then took this code and I put it on my index.php WordPress template page, in place of the standard “Previous/Next Entries” code provided on most WordPress index.php templates.

I am not about to admit that this is the cleanest way to solve this minor issue, but it works for me. Hope this helps someone out there on the internet. Or, I hope someone can help me if there is a simpler solution out there.

Convergance and the QR Code

Here’s an interesting item from of all places, The Weather Channel. It appears that TWC is putting QR Codes on the TV screen during weather broadcasts, inviting Android users to scan the code to get their Android app. I’ve heard of people using the codes on outdoor advertising but having a broadcast network using them is a pretty interesting move for networks and for advertisers. Next step is obviously a TV spot with the QR code that delivers a coupon for that item to the user’s mobile device.

Social Media Stats

A compilation of social media statistics and sound bytes from across the Internet.

  • Facebook currently has in excess of 350 million active users on global basis.Six months ago, this was 250m…This means over 40% growth in less than 6 months.
  • Flickr now hosts more than 4 billion images.
  • More than 35m Facebook users update their status each day.
  • Wikipedia currently has in excess of 14m articles, meaning that it’s 85,000 contributors have written nearly a million new posts in six months.
  • Photo uploads to Facebook have increased by more than 100%. Currently, there are around 2.5bn uploads to the site each month.
  • Back in 2009, the average user had 120 friends within Facebook. This is now around 130.
  • Mobile is even bigger than before for Facebook, with more than 65m users accessing the site through mobile-based devices. In six months, this is over 100% increase.
  • There are more than 3.5bn pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook.

Tweets of the Week

  • Ken Burns is updating his documentary "Baseball". Send him some photos from '04 Sox WS win – http://shar.es/aSnRZ #
  • I use my Droid so much for music and podcasts that my iPod is now my back up music player #
  • The founder of Taco Bell has left us for the big burrito in the sky – http://bit.ly/5X5qOL #
  • NYT to start charging to access site in 2011 – http://bit.ly/7ZKZVT #
  • ted kennedy is rolling over in his grace #
  • A long weekend full of kids birthday parties, footrball, and Season 1 DVDs of Mad Men #