Bring The Dodgers Home!


It was announced that the Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy in Delaware court today. Clearly this is a massive fall from grace for one of the signature franchises in Major League Baseball. And I won’t go into the gory details of their owner Frank McCourt. All I will say is that I am thankful the Red Sox and MLB rejected his bid to buy the team 10 years ago.

Now, if MLB had the guts, wouldn’t it be epic to relocate the Dodgers back to Coogan’s Bluff and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn? Imagine a modernized version of Ebbets Field with the Dodgers playing there. Brooklyn is hot these days – the Nets are moving there. Families are staying there. There has to be a rich former Brooklyn-ite out there who would pick up the Dodgers and their mess and think about doing this. I realize that the old “aura” of the 1950’s Brooklyn Dodgers will never be replicated. It was a different era in our society and in baseball back then, but I know a lot of former Brooklynites who speak with such reverence about the old Dodgers and Ebbets Field that I think it having the Dodgers playing in Brooklyn today could come close. What of the Mets, you say? Well, they are not doing too much better than the Dodgers thanks to Fred Wilpon and Bernie Madoff.

This will never happen, but wow, how amazing would that dream be?

J-E-T-S Winnipeg Jets


Proposed logo for the new Winnipeg Jets

The NHL got it right by moving the Atlanta team to hockey’s rightful home in Canada. Winnipeg to be specific.  And the Winnipeg franchise got it right by naming the team the Jets, honoring Winnipeg’s hockey history and their original team’s name before they were unceremoniously moved to Phoenix and renamed the Coyotes.

As a sports purist, I think there need to be hockey teams in key Canadian cities and I see Winnipeg as one of those venues. Beyond those important cities, Canada also has some of the most unique and colorful names of cities and towns anywhere on Earth. Imagine the possibilities for team names if the NHL moved some of its other Sun Belt teams to places like Medicine Hat (Alberta), Lucifer Mountain (Alberta), Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan), or Ebenezer (Saskatchewan).

Logo image via Creative Guise

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