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Biking Patterns

The New Yorker has a really cool interactive visual showing movements of folks using Citibikes through the months of June/July. It is a really interesting view into how people are using these much talked about additions to the NYC landscape. From the New Yorker’s quick analysis of the data: A commuting pattern first emerged in […]

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King Richard

Talk about an unceremonious way to be found. The remains of England’s King Richard III were discovered under a parking lot in Leicester, England. The bones were actually discovered in September of last year, however the team from the University of Leicester had to do some DNA analysis including comparing the skeleton’s DNA with descendants […]

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Death of the Arcade

Here is a pretty fantastic article about the social centerpiece of growing up in the late 1970’s and 1980’s – the video game arcade. From the evolution of the arcade from pinball machines to Pac Man and Frogger, it has been a part of American youth for many many years, although it it could be […]

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Wiggling In Their Seats

After what happened in Connecticut last week, I find it pretty interesting that many of the politicians who are gun advocates and pro-gun associations have been awfully quiet over the past few days: The National Rifle Association has been largely silent since the shootings on Friday morning. On Monday, the home page of its Web […]

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Crowdsourced Map of Boston

Boston is well known for it’s distinctive neighborhood residents and the sheer insanity in which the streets in that city are laid out. And with this combination comes the question of what are the streets that define the “boundaries” each neighborhood? Some cartographers over at Bostonography took to crowdsourcing the answer to that question by […]

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South of the Border

Folks who live along the border (I mean, literally ON the border) of North Carolina and South Carolina are running into some issues because the states are re-calibrating the exact location of their shared border. One morning, these folks are paying South Carolina taxes and the next, they are citizens of North Carolina. At first, […]

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Unexpected Guest

A couple in Manchester, England had a surprise guest visit their wedding – The Queen of England and Prince Phillip. It turns out that the Queen was attending an event related to her Diamond Jubilee within the same church and when she was done, she “popped in” to greet the new happy couple. Below is […]

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Predictive Modeling

Target’s customer targeting is so spot on that it was able to determine that a girl in high school was pregnant before her dad did: An angry man went into a Target outside of Minneapolis, demanding to talk to a manager: My daughter got this in the mail!” he said. “She’s still in high school, […]

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Tarnished (LOT) Rings

The process that the Nobel Prize committee goes through in evaluating candidates for their renowned awards has always been a bit of a black hole. A little window into that process was revealed recently when, per tradition, the documentation and notes from the comittee’s thinking is released to the public 50 years after the award […]

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