Month: May 2008

Twitter Spam

Is there a word for Twitter spam? Is it “SPIM” like in the Instant Messenger world? Over the past week or two, I’ve received a healthy dose of random, obviously commercial, spammers asking me to follow them on Twitter. And its getting annoying. From listening to TWIT, I know that there is a big competition […]

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Pinball Wizards

Yesterday I drove out to Allentown, PA with my brother-in-law to go to the Pinball Wizards convention. This was heaven for gamers young and old, as for $15, you could walk into the convention hall and play any pinball game, any video game, for as long as you wanted. They had some amazing old pinball […]

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Manny Being Manny

As the Red Sox’ Manny Ramirez approaches the 500 HR plateau, the Boston Globe has a really interesting graphic demonstration of where Manny has hit all of his homeruns over the course of his career. When I look at this, the thing that impresses me the most and illustrates just what an amazing hitter he […]

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